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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.  Its not a definitive list so please do get in touch if you want to know more.

Do I need any Equipment?

Potty trained children and adults will need normal swimming clothes (please ensure these are one piece and tight fitting, Bermuda style shorts and bikinis are not advised.). 
If your child wears a nappy they are required to wear a double nappy system (a disposable nappy or liner under a splash about type neoprene nappy).  It is also advisable that babies under 6 months wear a wet suit type costume or rash guard.  Swim hats are encouraged, goggles are optional and a towel is essential.  All other equipment such as flotation aids and toys are provided.

What facilities do you have?

Willow Lodge pool is set in a residential setting with its own access.  There is on site parking for around 14 cars.  The pool is perfect for teaching being 10 meters by 5 meters in size.  It has a depth graduating from 1 meter to 2 meters.  The changing area is on the poolside perfect for family changing with 5 pull around cubicles for your privacy.  We provide ample changing tables for your little ones so no more bending down to change them on a wet floor! There is also the use of a play pen if required.  in addition to these facilities there is a toilet and a shower and seats for spectators.

Are Spectators permitted

Only parents or their trusted family members such as aunties or grandparents (Please be respectful of the noise and congestion a lot of spectators can cause and keep numbers to an absolute minimum).  In line with our risk assessments for yours and your child's safety we do ask that each swimmer has 1 adult is present throughout the lesson.

Can we do a trial Lesson?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on an excellent service and lesson delivery.  We appreciate your feelings and needs to be sure that we are for you. We are happy for you to attend your first class and  if you feel the class is not right for you, then you may cancel your place with no charge (not even for the class you attended).

When should we start Our Lessons

Anytime! The main thing is that you do start them. Swimming not only carries a huge list of physical and mental health benefits its the only sport that potentially could save your life. It is never too late to start!

That said there is now much research around babies and swimming. We feel that babies under 12 weeks will get the best experiences at home or with short mini classes.  Once we start at around 12 weeks we will work on bonding, learning, movement and creating that firm mutual trust foundation that will set them up for fulfilling enjoyment of all the water not only throughout their classes with us but for their whole life.

Where are you located

We work out of Willow Lodge Pool which is between Penistone and Hoylandswaine.  At the Hoylandswaine Roundabout take the  A629 exit towards Huddersfield and Willow Lodge is the first Building on your right around 100m from the roundabout.  We are ideally situated for people living in Penistone, Barnsley, Holmfirth and their surrounding villages.

What can I expect from my baby pre-school classes

Our classes are very child centric and will run at their pace with their needs in mind.  We want your child to not only begin their learn to swim journey, but to do it through insintric motivation and with a love and respect of the water.  We will use lots of games, different types of play, such as sensory, movement, pretend play to help us repeat the needed swim practice repetition in a non tedious way.

What can i expect from our school aged children's lessons

Pretty much they follow on from our baby and Preschool programme, involving  lots of  developmentally enriched games to teach the swim practices and grow confidence.  As your child moves through the levels, lessons will start to use swimming its self as the fun with lots of emphasis on how the body can move in the water, experimentation, team work, stamina and technique building exercises.

How long will it take to learn to swim

The golden question! There are so many factors that will influence this question: age, confidence, previous traumas, physicality, enjoyment, attendance to name a few.  Children with typical development who are with us from around 6 months with a good level of attendance and enjoyment will typically be able to swim around 5 meters before starting reception school as a rising 5.  It can then take approximately 3-4 years to head through to pre competition level.  Children who join us after the age of 3 years may take a little longer to catch up to the enjoyment, confidence levels needed to pick up the movement skills needed.

How big are your classes

Our Baby and Pre-school classes are typically for 5 pairs and school aged children up to 6.

How Much are your Classes

Our Baby and Preschool Classes are £12.50 per class and school aged children classes are £10.25.  Both these group class fees are non refundable paid for in advance for a whole block of up to 8 classes. Private lessons start at £28 payable weekly ( extra charge for additional people / siblings).

How long are your blocks of lessons

We typically run or terms in 8 week blocks on a rolling basis.  Your place is continuous and will automatically be renewed on to the new block, unless you tell us in writing you wish to finish at the end of the block.

Can we miss lessons?

Regular attendance is highly recommended for progression, however we appreciate you may have holidays, family days, car trouble and sickness throughout the year which will prevent you from attending.  Once you have booked on to a block of lessons they are yours, we can not sell them to anyone else, so for this reason non attendance is 100% NON refundable with the following exceptions: We cancel the lessons or there is an extra ordinary circumstance such as a broken leg please contact us in the instance. Typically we will break for 2 weeks at the end of the year and 1 week at Easter.

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