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We love to hear what you are saying about us. Why not send your testimonial into us to help other see if Swim Play is what they are looking for.

Louise and Family

"Emma's lessons are fantastic and keep my little girl entertained so that she loves swimming.  The themes work so well for her as she loves role play and problem solving.  We have been to 3 other swimming sessions in the past which were lovely but repetitive.  There is something new and interesting each time.  Its definitely the one for us!"

Jane and Family

"Emma has great enthusiasm which is well balanced with patience and perseverance.  this is the 5th year of swimming in Emma's classes.  The classes are set and have a low turnover of swimmers.  the pool and changing facilities are clean and well organised"

Tricia and Family

“Emma taught all 3 of my boys to swim.  Their lessons were always fun and instructive.  She has amazing patience and allowed them to learn at their own pace. All 3 are now highly competent swimmers.  I would always highly recommend her.”

Laura and Family

“Swimming at Swim Play is the highlight of my littles boys week.  He loves being in the water and he loves Emma, so much so that sometimes he's not bothered if I am there or not!  Its amazing to see his confidence and ability grow.  A real skill for life with lots of fun along the way!"

Dave and Family

"Emma taught my son George to swim from the age of 2.  Her friendly but firm disposition grew Georges ability and love for the water.  He is now 15 and very much into water sports, he is partaking in his PADI divemaster qualification.  George often still fondly mentions Emma and her lessons even though 8 years have passed"

Stef and Family

“Emma has a real eye for detail and way of helping the children understand how to improve and get the best from their swimming.  She is always happy to help outside of lessons with advice and feedback - The children really respond to her and in the 7 years my children have attended we have always found her to be patient and enthusiastic”

Want to leave a review?

Every small business like ourselves thrives off their customers good words and feedback in more ways than you may think!  We simply wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you or lovely local community. We hope to offer you the best experience possible and we put our heart and soul into every sprinkle. Reviews are a great way to help us showcase and share our classes to reach a wider audience to help us continue to bring these joyful classes to the area.  If you have time and enjoy our classes you can leave a review on Facebook or on Google or indeed send it in via email for us to use on the website.

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